Daffodils and Butterflies…


Today I release the single for my song “Butterfly”. All proceeds from the sale of the single will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

To read more about the project, please go here:

To purchase the song for $1(or more if you choose) please visit the Northwood Records Store here:

The song is available on iTunes here:

A new video for the song can be seen here:

Love is in the air…


Happy Day of LOVE everyone!!! I realize that not everybody chooses to recognize this holiday. I hear many calling it a Hallmark day of commercialism. I hear people calling it a farce, a scam, a reason to stay home. I woke up this morning and popped a dark chocolate covered berry into the mouth of my sweet little boy and watched him delight in a sweet treat (before breakfast!!). I handed my sweetheart a Valentine that outlined my love and the reasons he makes my life full. I am not a person of practicing faith (although I do have some) but I do customarily celebrate many of the calendar’s marked holidays though-out the year. I try to be grateful for my surroundings everyday, but I do believe that a large part of our earthly population regard this day as a day to celebrate those near and dear to their hearts. Why wouldn’t I want to join in on the world-wide energy that is dedicated to loved one’s? The answer is I would. So I say Happy Valentine’s Day. May you give and receive and feel love on this day, in whatever form it takes.

I’ll be in Thornbury, ON singing love songs to those dining at Bruce Wine Bar. Shows 7 and 9.  Please call ahead to reserve a table.

xoxo my sweets