Ebb & Flow at The Dunk


I’ve very honoured to have been selected as one of 6 artists to take part in “Ebb & Flow”…

As part of the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canada 150 Fund, The Dunk(PEI) will host Ebb & Flow: Connecting Canadians Along the Moving River, a residency and concert series. The project will bring together musicians, artists and the community to reflect and be inspired by The Dunk’s unique atmosphere and rich tradition of nurturing the arts community.

I will be at The Dunk along with fellow Ontarion Aaron Goldstein(https://www.facebook.com/aarongoldsteinmusic/) from Sept. 13th-17th where the theme will be “Wisdom from our Elders: Looking back to look forward”

Other performers in the series:
August 16-20: Lindy Vopnfjörd and Ahkinoah H. Izarh‎ (aka:AHI) (https://www.lindymusic.com/ and http://ahimusic.com/)

Oct. 18-22: Tanya Davis and Paul Reddick, (http://tanyadavis.ca/ and http://paulreddick.ca/)

I’m looking forward to spending some time in beautiful PEI.

To read more about The Dunk’s Ebb & Flow go here: