Canadian music blog site has posted a review of “Murder at the Smokehouse”.
“Ambre McLean defies categorization, and this is good.  It may be hard to file Murder at the Smokehouse, but that’s precisely the point:  this is music to be listened to, and better yet live.  Don’t bother naming it – just enjoy.
McLean’s sound is intricate and ambitious.  All the parts on the record were performed by her, with the guitar and vocal tracks being recorded in one take, off the floor.  That’s impressive: as the guitar and McLean’s voice are the highlights here – two constants in a fine set of songs.  The guitar playing is great – subtle and textured, generally understated but loud when necessary, mild distortion here and there, strong strumming like a train when necessary, subtle picking like a mild rain when necessary.  The other constant – McLean’s voice – is an intrument itself: gorgeous, sometimes with a rich, bluesy feel, other times a sweet mellow sound, alternatively soft and ferocious, always carrying these tunes straight to your musical heart.
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